Bandit Crankbait Review

The Bandit® Crankbait is my favorite crankbait lure. I've had a fair amount of success using a chartruese and blue one that dives between 8 and 14 feet, as well as one that just swims under the surface.

Personal Experience

The lake where I fish has lots of grass and a lot of standing and lay-down timber. Most of the luck I've had with this crankbait has been swimming it through and over the timber. However, I have also had luck swimming it just above the grass or along the grass lines.

When you're swimming the bait through the timber and feel it run into a log, hesitate it for a second or two. This is when I get many of the fish to hit.

Fishing Crankbait

The crankbait can be fished many ways. It has a lot to do with the lake and weather conditions, as well as the mood of the bass on that particular day.

The most common way, but not necessarily the best way, is to just cast it out and reel it in. Doing it this way you will have to experiment with different speeds. Some days, the bass like fast moving crankbait, other days they bite better on slower moving bait.

Another way to fish the Bandit® Crankbait is to hesitate it or jerk it a little bit like a jerk bait. With the hesitation and jerk, the bass will usually hit it just as you start reeling in again.

The crankbait is a very versatile lure. Everyday can be different. Some of my friends swear by it and fish nothing else.

I recommend the Bandit® brand, as it is a reasonably priced lure and has very nice action with the rattles inside. For conditions where you fish, you will have to experiment with the different colors and retrieves to figure out what works best in your home lake.

Fish on!

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