Banjo Minnow Review

About Banjo Minnow

Banjo Minnow is a product of Banjo Fishing Systems out of Brooklet, Georgia. This artificial bait is said to look and behave like an injured or dying minnow, luring bass to bite.

But is it true?

Personal Experience

I began using Banjo Minnows in 2006. I ordered them online after seeing an ad on television during one of my favorite fishing shows. Needless to say, I was skeptical.

When I received the package, it contained a number of different types of minnows and an instructional DVD.

The DVD was not as helpful as it could have been. While it showed you how to fish the lure, the focus was on selling the product. Had I not already bought it, this would make sense, but I'd already spent the money. What would have been better was a more detailed instructional video.

However, in the three years I've fished this bait, I've caught more bass than all of the years before. It catches fish.

The Minnow Lure

They have a life-like appearance in the water. When you've learned to fish the Banjo Minnow, they look like a real minnow.

The minnows are very easy to use and they can be fished fast or slow. When you find the bass and figure out what speed they will chase, they bite on the minnow.

It is a good lure, very life-like, but you have to experiment to find out what works best for you when fishing with it. If you are looking to catch lunkers, this is probably not the lure for the job. But these lures are excellent for catching bass weighing up to about 4 pounds.

I know I will continue to buy and use these fishing lures.

Fish on.

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