Caney Lake Reservoir

Chatham Louisiana

Caney Lake Reservoir was created in 1986 by the daming of Caney Creek near Chatham Louisiana in Jackson Parish. What was created was a beautiful 5,000 acre, clear water lake filled with an abundance of aquatic vegetation. Perfect for the cultivation of large largemouth bass.

Since the beginning of Caney Lake Reservoir Louisiana biologist have cultivated the lake to produce trophy sized largemouth bass. The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries stocked over one million Florida-strain largemouth bass and continue to stock over 250,000 a year.

Caney Lake Reservoir started to receive it's reputation as a producer of trophy size bass in 1991 when a 13 pounder was caught and reported. However, in actuality, the lake was filled with 8 inch size fish. To help matters along and to reach their goal of creating a reputation for Caney Lake Reservoir as a great bass fishery the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries stocked the reservoir with threadfin shad and this is what started the growth.

Since its creation, Caney Lake Reservoir has produced 16 of the top 20 recorded largemouth bass in the state of Louisiana, including what is the state record of 15.97 pounds caught in 1994.

Unfortunately, the aquatic vegetation became quite thick in places causing the recreational boaters to complain. The result was the release of 12,000 sterile grass carp, numerous times what was actually needed for a lake this size, into the lake. In no time the fishing came to a screeching halt as the carp quickly ate up most if not all of the aquatic vegetation.

Thankfully the carp can't reproduce and will eventually die off, as quite a few have already. This was helped along by the netting of several thousands and the encouragement of bow fisherman to kill as many as they could. They even had a bow fishing tournament.

The carp still remain but many have died. The grass is slowly coming back and the bass fishing is picking back up again. Some say that Caney Lake Reservoir will never be as good as it once was, but will still be a trophy lake.

If you ever plan on taking a trip to Caney Lake Reservoir when the conditions are on the cool side. Try using bulky jigs and fishing them extremely slow. You also want to try the biggest lizards, worms and creature bait you can find and rig them Texas style. Just like with the jig, fish them extremely slow. At some point you may want to try a carolina rig also.

When the weather and water warms, from April till fall, try top water baits. Find the main creek channels and start on the main part of the lake, but slowly work your way back into the creeks.

Caney Lake Reservoir is still a great lake for producing trophy bass, but you will have to work hard for them.

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