Dale Hallow Lake

Celina, Tennessee

Dale Hallow Lake is situated on the Tennessee and Kentucky borders. It's formed by a dam on the Obey River. Dale Hallow Lake took it's name from a government surveyor and veteran of the War of 1812.

Dale Hallow originally settled in Willow Grove ,Tennessee, buying 449 acres in 1808 where he started a farm. The farm eventually grew into a plantation known as Dale Hallow. He and his descendants lived there until 1942, which is when they started construction on the dam.

Eventually the waters covered his whole plantation as well as the entire town of Willow Grove, “the town that drowned.”

Authorized by the flood control act of 1938 as well as the Harbor Act of 1946; he project was completed in 1943 by the US Army Corp of Engineers. The main purpose of this project was for flood control and hydroelectric power, though improving the quality of water for domestic and industrial use also played a role. Hydroelectric generators were added in 1948, 1949 and 1953 enabling the lake to supply power to the whole region. Once the project was completed they had created a lake that had 27,700 acres of surface water, 30,990 acres when completely full, as well as 620 miles of shoreline, of which is completely managed by the US Army Corp of Engineers.

Dale Hallow Lake is well known as an excellent smallmouth bass fishery currently holding the world record of 11lbs 4oz.

The lake also has large populations of largemouth bass, walley, crappie, muskelunge, catfish, gar and trout. Dale Hallow Lake also holds the state of Tennessee record for lake trout at 12lbs 2ounces.

Probably the best time of year to visit Dale Hallow Lake is late winter and early spring when three to four pounders are the norm and many six pounders are boated as well.

In the summer months you will find many fisherman fishing at night. Jigs with trailers, pork or plastic, are the way to fish for the small mouth. During this time of year the smallmouth school up just off of gravel and rock banks searching for crawfish. What they get a lot of times though are your jig.

Dale Hallow Lake has many recreational activities including boating, water skiing and tubing, though fishing is it's number one draw.

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