Bass Pro Shops David Fritts Baitcast Reel

The lake closest to my home, which of course I fish the most, is known for catching quality bass using crankbaits. So of course, I found out the most popular colors and went to Bass Pro Shops® and filled up their cash registers and my tackle box.

Every trip I took to this lake a friend of mine would be telling me about the four and five pounders he was catching on crankbaits.

I'd get myself all psyched up and go spend 5 or 6 hours out on the lake using the crankbaits I had filled up my tackle box with and nothing. Not even a bite. Talk about frustrating.

Discover what works
So over the winter I did lots and lots of research on bass fishing with crankbaits. I learned quite a lot. First you do not want to use a reel with a super fast gear ratio. Second you don't want to use to heavy of a fishing line and three you need a longer rod with a fast action tip to make longer casts.

So off I go to Bass Pro Shops® again to fill up there cash registers. What I found though was very reasonable and has turned out to be one of the best reels I ever have used.

Bass Pro Shops® David Fritts Baitcast Reel has been specifically designed for fishing with crankbaits. The one I bought has a 4:7:1 gear ratio.

What this means is that on one turn of the handle you are bringing the lure in slower than you would be on say a 6:1:1 gear ratio real. The one falsehood of crankbait fishing is the faster you reel the deeper the crankbait gets. Nothing is further from the truth. How deep your crankbait gets depends on the length of your cast and the diameter of the fishing line you are using.

The David Fritts Baitcast Reel is very reasonably priced for the fisherman on a budget, such as myself, is easy to use and there is nothing I do not like about this reel. It has an adjustable breaking system that allows the first time bait caster to ease into the experience and not get frustrated with backlashes. It is smooth reeling in so that you don't wear yourself out using it all day and casting it is a breeze.

I would highly recommend this reel to anyone whether you are on a budget or not. It is reasonably priced and easy to use.

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