Gibson County Lake Review

Gibson County, Tennessee

Gibson County Lake is a beautiful 500 acre, multipurpose TWRA lake located about 5 miles east of Trenton Tennessee and approximately 90 miles northeast of Memphis.

Gibson County Lake is a relatively new lake built by the TWRA. In fact, when it first opened all I heard about was how magnificent the bass fishing was. Well, it took me a few years to get there, but I finally made it on Tuesday July 7, 2009.

Now, I don't know if they do this to everyone, but when I arrived the woman working the store was telling me how terrific the fishing was the day before. She said that they recorded a 13 pounder, a couple of 11 pounders, and then a few little one's in the 8 pound range. First I asked her if she was trying to intimidate me or get me pumped up, because I explained to her that though I love bass fishing and being out on the water I'm just an average fisherman so I don't come with those type of expectations. I just think that other people are the one's who catch bass in the 10 pound range.

When I finally got out on the lake I was surprised how shallow it seemed to be. I started out as your looking out from the boat ramp, to the left. The deepest spot I could find was about ten or twelve feet and the bottom appeared pretty flat but on each side were loads and loads of flooded trees.

I started my morning out throwing a pop-r. I did get one small hit, but missed it. I then switched to throwing a soft jerk bait, one of my favorites, through the trees, but nothing. So I headed to the other end of the lake looking for an area that someone had told me about just the day before. It's an area that holds an old creek bed and has flooded trees on each side. I cruised down this creek bed twice, where it was about 10 feet or so, and then throwing it into the tree lines on each side where it dropped down to as low as just a couple of feet. I did snag a nice 3 pounder, but that was the only one.

I ended up that day hitting, oh I'd say about three quarters of the entire lake and caught 4 fish totaling about 8 pounds, so an average of 2 pounds each. However, the last 30 minutes of the day I headed to the backside of Gibson County Lake where I found a little turn in the lake I hadn't noticed before and saw a very thick, flooded tree line. I figured I'd give this a shot the last 30 minutes throwing a crankbait parrallel to this thick group of flooded trees, and boy am I glad I did. I didn't get a 13 pounder but I was able to snag a very nice 8 pounder on a Bandit crankbait, series 700. Unfortunately I was by myself and didn't get a picture, but trust me I caught him.

As far as Gibson County Lake goes, I will go back. Heck, when I can catch a stringer of 16 pounds, it's a good lake. But seriously, besides having a good day on the lake, this lake has everything for good bass fishing. Lots of cover in the way of flooded trees, and parts with some structure to it. You have lots of shallow flats that is close to deeper water. It's a great lake.

As far as the amenities go Gibson County Lake is it all covered. You have a very nice tackle shop that serves food and drinks, though it's just cold sandwiches as well as snacks and the woman who was working the day I was there was very personable and friendly as well.

They also have boat rentals, picnic areas and sell fishing licenses if you need one.

I will be heading back in the very near future.

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