Greers Ferry Lake

Heber Springs Arkansas

A bit of history

Greers Ferry Lake is a United States Army Corp of Engineers project located approximately 80 miles north of Little Rock Arkansas.

Construction of the dam, located on the Little Red River, began in March of 1959 and was completed in December of

1962. The main purpose of the dam and lake is for flood control in the Heber Springs area. When the lake was completed it was dedicated in October 1963 by then President, John F. Kennedy. This was his last major public appearance before his assassination on November 22, 1963 in Dallas, Texas.

The Lake

The reservoir consists of two lakes connected by a canal called the narrows. The surface area of the two lakes and narrows is approximately 40,000 acres with over 300 miles of shoreline.

Though Greers Ferry Lake is a great bass fishery containing both largemouth and smallmouth you will find many species of fish. The world record walleye was caught here in 1997 (22lbs 110z) as well as the hybrid striped bass world record (27lb 5oz).

The fishing

If you are going to be trying your luck for bass here, it is best to start shallow and then move out to more moderate depths as the day goes on. Spinnerbaits, crankbaits, jigs and plastic worms seem to be your best bets as far as lures go.

What colors you want to pick depend on what time of year you are there. In the spring and fall, try more natural colors while in the summer, go with the brighter colors such as chartreuse.

Whenever you go you should enjoy yourself at this awesome fishery.

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