Hartwell Lake

Hartwell, Georgia

Hartwell Lake is located in the Northeast Georgia mountains and the upcountry of South Carolina and is one of the largest and most popular recreation lakes in the southeast. It covers 56,000 acres of water with a shoreline of a whopping 962 miles.

Some history

Built between 1955 and 1963 by the US Army Corp of Engineers; the Hartwell Lake project was originally started for the purposes of flood control, hydro power and navigation.

However, the lake's authorized purposes now also include recreation, water quality, water supply, and fish and wildlife management as well.

Hartwell Lake is one of the most visited US Army Corp of Engineer sites in the country. With numerous water related activities available, it is no surprise.


There are many sandy beeches and designated swim areas for the swimmers to enjoy. You also have plenty of campgrounds lining the shores of the Lake for the avid campers, but that's not all.

There are hiking trails for the hiking enthusiast; and plenty of sightseeing to be done as well.

Then when it comes to boating; what can you say? With Hartwell Lake's 56,000 acres of water there is plenty to explore for the canoer, sail boat enthusiast or the power boater. Don't forget the water skier or jet skier. There is plenty of water for everyone.


The lake's 56,000 acres and 962 miles of shoreline create an excellent lake for the non-experienced angler as well as the advanced angler. Species that the avid fisherman can plan on catching while visiting Hartwell Lake include largemouth bass, bream, crappie, catfish, striped bass and hybrid bass.

If you do not have access to a boat, Hartwell Lake has numerous fishing piers as well as plenty of space for fishing along the banks.

Most of the year you will find the bass located on the main lake points and around many of the boat docks that surround it. Your best bets are Carolina rigs, jigs, crank baits and occasionally even a jerk bait.

Though Hartwell Lake is an exceptional bass lake, remember that it is also huge at 56,000 acres; the key is patience. Once you find them, and it could take you a little while, you will absolutely have a ball catching them.

Hartwell Dam and Lake
5625 Anderson Highway
Hartwell, Georgia 30643-5359

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