Herb Parsons Lake Review

I used to fish this lake all the time when I first moved to Memphis in 2000. I stopped going because I really never had any luck here. Then, when I started this website I knew I would have to go back so I could give a fair review.

Lake Conditions

First, I have to be honest about the conditions. The water temperature was a warm 83 degrees. The wind was a strong 10 to 20 miles per hour out of the east. So, needless to say the conditions were not the best.

Looking for Bass

Since Herb Parsons is not a large lake I started out by cruising the lake trying to find a good spot with structure and or cover to start my day off.

Unfortunately what I found on my fish finder was a very shallow lake, 18 foot at the deepest spot of the main lake. As you know, 18 foot would normally not be that bad, but at Herb Parsons the lake starts out extremely shallow along the bank, say two to three feet, and just gradually slopes out to the middle of the lake.

There are no sharp drop offs that I could find or any large areas with cover, such as grass.

Also, during my initial tour of the lake I found very few fish, either bait fish or schools of bass. The one place I did find some fish was by the dam. The lake was much deeper by the dam than out in the main part of the lake. The deepest spot I found was 27 feet. Here there were also a few drop offs.

Unfortunately, there was also a sign stating no fishing. Maybe the fish know how to read?

Catch Catfish Here

Through my experiences at Herb Parsons I would not recommend this lake for bass fishing. However, after talking to the woman running the tackle shop, it is apparently a really good lake for catfish. She mentioned to me that back in June, 2008, there was a 52 pounder taken right in front of her shop. Also, she told me that this is a pretty good lake for crappie and bream fishing.

A Great Place for Family

Herb Parsons is in a great setting for a family day out. There is a lot of area for fishing offshore, a great hiking trail through the woods and lots of picnic tables.

Like I mentioned before thumbs down for bass fishing but thumbs up for a day out with the family and getting your young ones interested in fishing and the outdoors.

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