Introduction to Kentucky Lake

A bit of background

Kentucky Lake was born out of the massive floods of the Ohio and Tennessee Valleys in 1937.

In 1938 the TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority) came back to this area and told everyone they had to relocate. Kentucky Dam and Kentucky Lake were about to be born. Many homes, farms, roads and even railroads had to be relocated.

Kentucky Dam was built in Gilbertsville, Kentucky. The dam was started in 1938 with as many as 5,000 men working on the project at times, and was finally completed in 1944.

The main purpose of the Kentucky Dam is flood control of over six million acres, however the end result produced a lake that backs up the Tennessee River 184 miles, has 2,380 miles of shoreline and over 160,000 acres of surface water.

Oh, did I mention, lots of fishing?


Best known for its Crappie fishing it is not uncommon for someone to hook a 2 pounder or have a stringer limit of 1.5 pound average.

The spring spawning season is the most active. With the Crappie heading up tributaries for spawning you can catch them in knee high water. People all over the country plan their vacations around the Crappie spawning season at Kentucky Lake. However, since the lake is famous for it's Crappie it is good fishing year round.


Bass fishing is almost as popular there, though not quite. There are an astounding number of 4 to 7 pounders there to be caught as well as a large quantity of double digit trophy bass.

Though not as popular as the largemouth, Kentucky Lake has an abundance of smallmouth bass as well, with a large population of 5 pound plus smallies to be had. Fishing there is just awesome.

You've got your Crappie and Bass but there are many other species to choose from. From bluegill and white bass to catfish and sauger. Kentucky Lake is a fishing mecca.

Fish on.

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