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Lake Fork has become as famous a largemouth bass lake as there is in the country. Known for it's trophy bass, fishing here from fall through spring is something every bass fisherman should experience once in their lifetime.

As of this writing, Lake Fork has produced 36 of the 50 largest recorded bass in Texas, including the state record of18.18 pounds. If you are looking for the trophies the best time of year to go is probably mid-February through mid-March. If you are looking for quantity, you'll still catch plenty of large ones, fall and spring would be your best bet.

Lake Fork is also one of five lakes that biologists believe will produce the next world record largemouth.

Fishing the Lake

Though most famous for bass, it is also quite popular for crappie, which can be caught year round. If you are fishingin the spring for crappie, don't be surprised if you hook onto a bass as both spawn at the same time and both like the shallow flats for spawning. Once they are done spawning look for brush piles near deep water.

Finding the Lake

Lake Fork is located approximately five miles from Quitman, TX and approximately an hour and a half drive from Dallas, Tyler and Longview TX.

The lake was created on Lake Fork Creek, a major tributary of the Sabine River. The reservoir is owned and operated by the Sabine River Authority. Preliminary engineering studies swere conducted in 1972, with actual construction starting in 1975. The final dam closure occurred in 1980 with the conservation pool level being reached in 1985. Lake Fork's water surface covers approximately 27,690 acres, or 43 square miles with 315 miles of shore line.

History of the Lake

The construction of Lake Fork Reservoir was funded through a water supply agreement with Texas Utilities Generating Company, Inc, which supplies water for municipal and industrial use. Texas Utilities Generating Company, Inc, Dallas and the city of Longview have contracted for use of the water. In the future there could be many more municipalities contracting for use of the water as well.

Good Luck, and maybe I'll see you there.

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