Lake Greeson

Murfreesboro, Arkansas

A state secret

Lake Greeson is located on the Little Missouri River in southwest Arkansas in the foothills of the Quachita Mountains. The Narrows Dam, named for the area where it was constructed, backed up the Little Missouri River approximately 12 miles, including all the creeks that were feeding the river. These creeks have now formed coves that have taken the names of the creeks: Self, Laurel, Cowhide, Bear, Rock, Parker and Arrowhead.

At completion of the dam Lake Greeson covered over 7,000 acres of surface area and is now one of the best kept recreational secrets in the state of Arkansas.

The lake's history

Lake Greeson was named after Martin White Greeson who was born in November of 1866. Greeson spent the majority of his life fighting for some sort of flood control for the Little Missouri River.

Through his hard work, work on Lake Greeson started in 1947. However, the first concrete was not poured until 1948 and was not completed until 1950. In 1951 it was finally dedicated and open to the public.

The finished result is something Martin White Greeson would have been proud of.

The lake

Though Lake Greeson supplies hydrolic power and flood control for the area, the recreational benefits are unlimited. From the magnificent beauty of the area you also can be treated to some magnificent fishing.

Home to largemouth bass, striped bass, spotted bass, crappie, bream and a few varieties of catfish, there is something for every angler. However, it is known as one of the best striped bass lakes in the state of Arkansas, estimated to hold more stripers per acre than any other lake in the state.


Lake Greeson also has a 35,000 acre public hunting area on the west side of the lake. Rabbit, squirrels, bobwhite quail, and white tail deer are all in abundance for the avid hunter.

For the adventurer

The lake also provides 45 miles of walking, nature and cycle trails. The cycle trail is beautiful trip through pine forest and rolling hills.

The nature trails are a bird watchers paradise. If you're lucky and are there the right time of year you will find bald eagles vacationing in the area; as they now have inherited Lake Greeson as their winter home.

Though our website is mainly aimed at fishing and camping sometimes we come across an area that has so much more to offer we have to add it to our site as well. Arkansas is a beautiful state to begin with, but Lake Greeson is the hidden gem. The fishing is great as well if you can keep your eyes and mind off the scenery.

If you plan to visit you will find lots of camping and entertainment for the whole family. Enjoy!!

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