Lake Guntersville

Guntersville, Alabama

Lake Guntersville is more than 75 miles long and is located in Jackson and Marshall counties in Alabama, as well as in Marion County in Tennessee.

The most notable towns around Lake Guntersville are Guntersville, Alabama, Scottsboro, Alabama and South Pittsburgh, Tennessee.

A bit of history

Guntersville dam started construction in December of 1935 and was completed in January 1939. The dam is located about 7 miles northeast of Guntersville, Alabama in the Sequatchie Valley Province.

The Guntersville watershed covers approximately 2,669 square miles, while Lake Guntersville itself covers approximately 67,900 acres.

If you're looking for recreation, you won't have a problem locating it at this lake. Surrounding the lake you will find:

  • 2 state parks
  • 13 city and county parks
  • 4 state wildlife centers
  • 8 campgrounds
  • 5 camping resorts
  • 16 marinas
  • 43 boat ramps
  • 23 commercial recreation areas.

The best time of year to visit Lake Guntersville for bass fishing is the fall, however there really isn't a bad time of year. Once you discover where the bass are located it is not uncommon to have a 50 bass day.

Finding bass

If you are going to visit in the spring you will have to look for the bass on the drops near the spawning flats. Once spawning begins you will find them on the grassy flats. Spinnerbaits and shallow running crankbaits run just on top of the grass should produce large numbers of bass.

When spring turns to summer the bass will migrate to the edges of the main river channel.

Along the edge of the old river channel you will find thickly matted grass that hides many large tree stumps left from the clearing of trees for the construction of Lake Guntersville.

Within these stumps and thick matted grass are numerous bass. The favorite way for the locals to fish this area of the lake is with deep diving crankbaits that clip the top of the stumps on the retrieve or plastic worms thrown to the edge of the grass line and walking it down the ledge.

Now when you visit in the fall; hold on. Look for grassy flats that are close to deeper water, at least ten feet. Throwing spinnerbaits and soft plastics will provide you with a great day of fishing.

If you're going to visit Lake Guntersville in the winter months, come prepared because winters in northern Alabama can be quite chilly, and that is being polite. Look for steep ledges off of the river channel and creek channels. Once you find them slowly fish a jig and pig down these ledges and you should have some success. Don't be surprised if you catch a good trophy bass this time of year.

No matter when you decide to visit Lake Guntersville you should have a great time. From bass fishing, which is truly some of the best in the country, to all the other activities the area has to offer you and your family should have a great time.

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