Lake Somerville

Somerville Texas

Lake Somerville was constructed by the US Army Corp of Engineers. Construction began in June 1962 with deliberate impoundments beginning in January of 1967.

The dam is located on the Yegua Creek, approximately 20 miles upstream from the Brazos River and just a couple miles south of Somerville.

Lake Somerville covers 11,639 acres and has 85 miles of shoreline. Its main purpose is flood control, municipal water supply and recreation.

Lake Somerville's fishing reputation was built on its excellent catfish fishing. However, Lake Sommerville also has a nice population of largemouth bass, white bass, hybrid bass, white crappie, bluegill and sunfish.

Lake Somerville offers very little in the way of shoreline cover or structure. However during the high water period there are areas where the vegetation is flooded and gives the fish excellent cover.

White bass anglers know the lake as a high quality fishery, especially during the spring spawning period. Beginning in early spring, well the middle of February really, the white and hybrid bass can be taken in the creeks. During the summer months you will find both the white and hybrid bass in the open water chasing schools of shad.

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