Lazer Eye Jerkbait Review

Lazer Eye Jerk Baits are the brand of Bass Pro Shops.

Fishing it

For the beginner just starting, you fish these just like the

name of the lure states, you jerk it. You cast them out and jerk them in as you are reeling in. You can fish them fast with very little pause in between jerks or slowly with as long a pause as you deem fit for the mood of the fish that day. You can just cast it out and reel it in, but I haven't had much success fishing them like that.


I thought I'd try these particular jerk baits because of the life like look they have. What they can do with today's technology is truly amazing. They truly look like minnows.

Likes and Dislikes

The action of the lures as well as their look is what I do like about this particular lure. Like I've already mentioned the lure has a true life look to it.

The action of these lures is so good it does cause the bass to react to the lure. I've found these to work very well when the bass are sluggish. When it pauses right in front of them they have a hard time laying off. I believe this is because the action seems to mimic a injured bait fish.

One of these lures I dislike are the ones that are supposed to be suspended. As you fish them they rise to close to the surface instead of staying a few feet below the surface.

Now you can fix this issue by attaching some metal tape to them, but if you don't put the tape on exactly in the center of the lure you can affect the action the lure is built to provide.

Go Fishing

Except for the suspension of this lure I highly recommend this lure.

This is also the type of lure you need to experiment with to find what works best for you and the conditions you are fishing. This also holds true for the color you are fishing with.

Fish on!

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