Awesome Reelfoot Lake

Reelfoot Lake is just an awesome lake. There is no other way to describe it. It was created in northwest Tennessee in 1812 as a result of the new madrid earthquake. The lake is extremely shallow, the deepest spots probably being about 18 ft, but with most of the 12,000 acres only being 5 to 12 feet deep.

Under the water is nothing but tree stumps. While maneuvering your boat be extremely careful or you will end up stuck on top of one. In fact, when I fished there, I did not use my gas motor at all, instead strictly using my trolling motor and still got stuck a couple of times. I also recommend using an aluminum boat and not a $30,000 fiberglass bass boat.

My Fishing Experience

The day my father and I went there, October 13, 2008, the weather was not great - we had a strong east wind. It made it very hard to maneuver the boat where we wanted. In fact, we would start at the eastern shore and let the wind blow us down the lake. Once we reached a certain point we would head back to the eastern shore and do it all over again.


I highly recommend this lake. With the tree stumps throughout the lake and the cypress trees lining the shallow shore waters I can tell you this place is loaded with bass.


Reelfoot Lake, just like most of the lakes in this area, is best known for it's magnificent crappie fishing, which I will be attempting soon. Until 2003 Reelfoot was the world's only legal Crappie commercial fishery.

Again, bass are in Reelfoot and if you go I recommend stopping by and getting your line wet. Not only is this great fishing but it is truly a beautiful area if you are at all into nature. They have the bald eagles and just to the south at Lake Isom, which was formed the same time and in the same way as Reelfoot, you have the National Wildlife Refuge area.

Fish on!

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