Stren Fishing Line Review

I use Stren Lo Vis green, ten or twelve pound test on all of my rods. I'm not a pro but I do usually carry four rods with me at all times. Saves lots of time as far as changing lures goes.

I always carry two bait casters and two spinning rods. I use the bait casters for my heavier baits such as jigs, crankbaits, and jerkbaits, as well as the Carolina rig. The spinning rods I use for more finesse type of fishing such as with soft plastics.

Stren fishing line is one of the best lines I've ever used. It has virtually no memory, which means your line does not end up with a bunch of twists causing you headaches when it gets tangled up, especially with the spinning rigs.

Now, don't get me wrong, the longer you use it the more the chances are that it will start to stretch and twist. When you notice this happening it is time to re-spool your reel.

This is also a very strong and durable line. The times I do get caught up (I fish a lake with lots of timber and grass), it is extremely tough to break off. Most of the time I have to cut it.

The good thing about this is when I hook a decent size bass and they dive down into the heavy grass or into the timber, I can get it out every time. I have not lost one fish yet because of the line breaking.

Also, with all that timber I'm fishing around and through the Stren line holds up extremely well, with very little abrasion.

After all these years of using Stren I would highly recommend it. Like I said I rig everything with ten or twelve Lo Vis green and have been very successful for my style of fishing.

Fish on.

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