Turkey Creek Lake

Franklin Parish, Louisiana

Turkey Creek Lake is reservoir in Franklin Parrish Louisiana located approximately 15 miles southwest of Winnsboro Louisiana. The lake has approximately 3000 surface acres and reports great bass, bream and crappie fishing.

In late winter and early spring flooding occurs from the Boeuf River which causes the water to become extremely muddy. Fishing improves greatly once the water recedes and clears.

Stocking of Florida strain largemouth and improvements made to the lake in 1992 have made this an extremely productive fishery.

In the summer of 2008 the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries discovered large amounts of giant salvinia mixed with water hyacinth. These are aquatic vegetations that float on the surface of the water.

LDWF took immediate action once this growth was discovered. They along with a company called SePro, a company that specializes in aquatic vegetation, conducted a comprehensive water depth and plant abundancy survey.

Being that the growth of this aquatic vegetation was so thick and they were not able to get the boats through it to spray it, they treated this with a new aquatic pesticide called Galleon. Galleon is injected into the water and not sprayed directly on the plants. This is then absorbed through the roots of the plant which float directly below the surface. The EPA has approved Galleon with no restrictions for treated water including fishing and swimming.

In two to three months the herbicide took affect turning the vegetation brown and sinking to the bottom. This process has cleared an additional 750 acres for boating and fishing.

Unfortunately due to the 20 inches of rain from hurricane Gustav the effort was not completely successful. However, the LDWF has continued treatments as of the writing of this article.

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