Horn Lake Review - Lake View Lake

Lake View Lake in Horn Lake Mississippi is an oxbow lake formed off the Mississippi River in Horn Lake Mississippi, just north of Tupelo Mississippi on Highway 61.

Lake Conditions

I went there the last weekend of September and the water temperature was 75 degrees. Most oxbow lakes are known for their good fishing in general but are most popular for Crappie fishing. I spent about 5 hours out on the lake and did not catch anything. And I didn't notice a whole lot of activity on my fish finder.

Fishing Lake View Lake

The whole lake is lined by cypress trees in about 2 to 3 feet of water. I tried fishing around these first, even though I was thinking the water was still to warm for the bass to be this shallow, but it was hard to ignore these areas. At first I tried a soft jerk bait and then a quarter ounce chartreuse spinner. I had no luck with either.

After that, I cruised the lake for a while trying to find some structure where the bass could be hiding. I did find a few drop offs where it went from around 7 feet down to 15 feet. I tried numerous lures, from crankbaits to carolina rigs, with no luck.

Lake Features

The lake seemed to have very little structure or cover in general except for the few drop offs and the cypress trees covering the bank. There didn't even seem to be any grass or rocks covering the bottom.

Final Impressions

From everything I have heard about this lake I will try again, though I didn't find a whole lot to make me confident. I will report on this lake again, probably at the beginning of next season.

Fish on!

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